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We are renowned as one of the best manufactures & suppliers of cleaning products due to high grade quality & accurate composition of entire products.

Floor Cleaner

The demand of floor cleaner is rapidly increasing due to the propagation and awareness regarding importance of hygiene.

NOLANA floor cleaner is most suitable to fight dirt & germs in the house.It is basically an agent, which destroys pathogenic organism, & hence its uses are numerous. It is extensively used in for sanitation purposes for drain, floor, stables, etc.

NOLANA floor cleaner is finding wide spread use & acceptance as hard surface cleaner to remove various non-porous hard surface like floor, bathroom marble, ceramics, granite walls etc. Emerald floor cleaner assist in the removal of dirt, grain & leaves all surface & atmosphere pleasantly smelling.

It is being popular day by day in India in homes, hospitals, clinics, veterinary clinics, restaurants, factories, office, shops, school, government departments etc.

NOLANA floor cleaner has effective composition to kill microbes coming contact with it & a fresh fragrances. The Emerald floor cleaner is a great alternative for ensuring a fresh & disease- free environment.

Toilet Cleaner

Your bathroom speaks of your personality, some people say. If it’s sparkling – you are hygienic. If not, you are unhealthy. Therefore, rust stains in toilet bowl are not a pretty sight – particularly for your visitors. They will find it uncomfortable to use. Worse, they will judge you according to your restroom. More than these, a grimy toilet is not healthy for you and your family. You may not be aware but different germs or bacteria abound in your toilet seat. These can cause sickness.

Instead of spending a lot of your hard-earned money on medical costs, why not consider cleaning your bathroom on a regular basis? To successfully remove toilet bowl ring and stains, you may want to educate yourself first. Read on.

Here Alken Chemicals & Fragrance brings for you a new product NOLANA Toilet Cleaner which protects you and your bathroom from bacteria and germs. It removes all rust stains very smoothly and you feel better and healthy.

Storage of Cleaning Agents

* Ensure that the storage racks are sturdy. Heavier containers must be kept on the bottom shelf

* Label all containers neatly with a waterproof marker

* Ensure that the lids are tightly secured.

* When dispensing cleaning agents, use appropriate dispensers and Measuring apparatus.

* Avoid spillage; if a spill occurs, clean it up immediately.

* Follow a systematic procedure for rotating stocks.