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About Natural Essential Oils

No. Name Products HS Code
1 Vetiver (north) oil 33019090
2 Citronella oil 33011910
3 Eucalyptus oil 33012924
4 Palmarosa oil 33012933
5 Lemongrass oil 33012942
6 Tagetes Patula - - - -

Natural Essential Plants

About Natural Essential Oils

Alken Chemicals & Fragrances are farming & extracting natural essential oils by steam distillation process of Lemongrass oil, Palmarosa oil, Tagetes & Vetiver oil (North Indian) under supervision of expert who are trained from “Central Institute Of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants” (CSIR-Government Of India) Eucalyptus oil is also distilling by us, because eucalyptus leaves are easily available from forest.

Natural Essential Oils